So Much Wine by The Handsome Family

“So Much Wine by The Handsome Family”

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So Much Wine by The Handsome Family   3

sabes 22 Sep 2015

"It will never be enough to save you from the bottom of your glass." Best Christmas song ever.

hbellson 8 Dec 2013

Just the job on a Friday before a long weekend...

tedfelton 7 Mar 2014

I had nothing to say on Christmas day, when you threw all your clothes in the snow.

mario 30 Dec 2011

As my computer refusing to burn my annual Xmas CD, here are a few songs that would have been on it.   2

Kevd99 23 Dec 2013

John Hodgman closed his set with a cover of this song, backed by Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett. Lots of the audience laughed when he introduced it because they thought he said it was by the "Hanson Family". He enunciated "Hand-some Family" then played a few bars of "MMMbop", then Murphy brought up the time he found out Hanson has an official beer called Mmmhops.

dicebourbon 21 Oct 2014