Short Change Hero by The Heavy

“My Jam this week is the theme from #StrikeBack .”

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My Jam this week is the theme from #StrikeBack .

Evaine 14 Aug 2015

Artwork: Panni Malekzadeh, "It's Beautiful Here" oil on linen, 48 x 58 inches   2

kiatweetsnot 22 Jan 2014

Has a pretty long intro, song actually starts at 1:20

Haukka 19 Sep 2012

Various circumstances over the last few days caused this to pop into my head and it refuses to leave.

CallumPetch 12 Mar 2014

After a GY!BE binge this felt like a good good song to end it with.   2

spook_school 21 Oct 2012

I watched Faster last night. Nuff said.

Clarkle 30 Dec 2011