What Makes a Good Man? by The Heavy

“Cracking tune from the new Guinness "Sapeurs" ad.”

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Cracking tune from the new Guinness "Sapeurs" ad.   2

andyknightesq 20 Mar 2014

I may find The Glorious Dead a relative disappointment, but this song still rules! Long live The Heavy at #13!

CallumPetch 19 Jan 2013

Pozitif' in müzik grubu Mobilet and the Witches' a ithaf! Öperim CAN&deniz&selin&tobumusikizm!

elifaksayan 26 Feb 2013

Plain and simple ... a brilliant song.

mcfontaine 6 Apr 2015

*___* swaggery guitar riffs and kickass vocals! The new trueblood soundtrack is just going to be epic! I don't even watch the show, but I'd kill for the soundtrack cd!!!

miriamhillawi 23 May 2013

this is why I love this awesome site...found this band here...and immediately fallen in love with them... it's quite interesting... The Heavy are a British indie rock band from Bath, England...The Heavy play a mix of guitar-heavy neo soul and rock using crunchy guitar, funky horns, and raspy James Brown-like vocals. Their songs incorporate many different styles... Tell me now (tell me now) 'n' show me how (show me how) To understand (understand) What makes a good man? Tell me now (tell me now) Hey walk the line (walk the line) Hey understand (understand) What makes a good man?   2

arnbo1d 11 Nov 2014