I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You by The Hold Steady


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The Cityscape Skins are kickin' it again

StephanoBentos 29 Jan 2014

#samplethis The Hold Steady. From #teethdreams out at the end of March.

mrtuffley 25 Jan 2014

That happy realization that one of my favorite songs of 2014 can also double as a Christmas song.

Notintheface1 16 Dec 2014

Quite excited to see these chaps live in October. (Even if the new album is mastered to buggery and back, sigh.)

infovore 8 Jun 2014

Magnificent band off 2014's Teeth Dreams

restless941 2 Apr 2015

Total Dag Nasty buzz off this. I approve.

thumped 1 Apr 2014