Sequestered In Memphis by The Hold Steady


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Here's the perfect jam for sequestration. Worrrrrrd.

joshberkbooks 26 Feb 2013

Mike's Music Interview Archive: Craig Finn, The Hold Steady. I've mostly stayed agnostic on the big music-critic feud of the past decade: the "Rockists" vs. the "Poptimists." The Poptimists have a point--rock music has some snobby, elitist elements, and way too many middle-aged white dudes for its own good...but then I put on The Hold Steady, and dammit, sometimes middle-aged white-dude music nerds have something worthwhile to say...can't we just call a truce?   1

vomitsunami 3 Sep 2015

"Yeah sure I'll tell the story again"

cmautner 17 Apr 2013

When the other half leaves his USB stick in the car this is the ear worm. I like the texture of the vocals and the clap along

francesmclaugh 14 Sep 2013