Spinners by The Hold Steady


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Listening to a new Hold Steady album is like reading the latest great American novel, but quicker & LOUDER   2

sricketts1 23 Mar 2014

"Heartbreak hurts, but you can dance it off."

justinbhorton 3 Apr 2014

One of my favourite songs of this year. It has all the hallmarks of the classic THS song, great lyric, sing-along chorus and great guitar.

johnrob1800 7 Dec 2014

Loved their first couple albums, and this song doesn't disappoint. Good first jam.

bearman 19 Jul 2014

Couldn't place the voice but watching reminded me of Elvis Costello. And the voice, the voice reminded me of Springsteen back when I thought I might listen   1

MmeLaCrooz 4 Mar 2014

Still loving this song and the Teeth Dreams LP by @theholdsteady. #unifiedscene

rocknrollisking 25 Jul 2014