Christine by The House of Love


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Pristine... with a God like glow   2

RegisterSeven 18 Apr 2014

Heard this today after decades. Still has that ability to stop me dead in my tracks. I really like the sound. A shame that they couldn't work out their personal differences during their most creative years. They were nothing without each other. Was shocked to learn that Guy Chadwick is almost 60!

Fearnot 26 Apr 2015

Possibly my first ever indie single (was actually a cassette)

jaygooby 13 Jan 2012

It's funny how many bands still sound like this.

JamesTopham 26 Sep 2014

Late 80s #indie classic with a fascinatingly muted video to go with it.   3

UncannyUK 25 Jun 2014

Boys singing about girls they don't understand, hiding their bemusement with poetics. What's not to like?   1

Gummi 30 May 2012