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She-she-she shine on! The original 1987 Creation single, not the 1990 reissue with the anticlimactic tinny guitar solo!

cliffmiddleton 14 Jun 2015

So many great songs from these guys. This is the first one of theirs I heard, way back in 1990 or something like that!   1

SenatorForLife 24 Jun 2013

I loved this band from the off - and just ordered their de-luxe reissue so decided to share this with you all   1

SurbSuperheroes 16 Jan 2013

Awesome wall of shimmer. That is all.

domlane 6 May 2014

Oh look, it's the original, and better, version of Shine On, back when it was their debut single, rather than the later version from an album. Not that I only just realised that I didn't have this version on my ipod. Oh no.

ennacooper 16 Dec 2014

Top tune from my student days.

clanca1234 11 Jul 2015