Happy Hour - The HouseMartins by The Housemartins

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The weather's finally gotten nice, and I needed something peppy, if still cynical.

elkrafto 13 Apr 2015

Sadly this video has no Housemartin dancing. Am I crumping? Am I crumping? Am I crumping?   3

Sarah 9 Jan 2012

It's Happy Hour again!

AndypMFC 29 Feb 2012

Seems somehow fitting at the moment...   2

ekul 9 May 2015

This is what The Smiths sound like in Bizarro World. Fun and catchy to start the week!

duncan_idaho 20 Jan 2015

Totally love these guys, always fun, poppy songs with goofy music videos :)

Ipequey 11 Sep 2015