Don't You Want Me by The Human League


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bethatc 2 Jul 2015

Retro-tastic and still incredibly fun to shout along with.   2

goregeosity 15 May 2015

Heard this in Dunkin' Donuts this morning. First thought: "Damn, this should've been on the playlist for Chrissy's memorial event". Second thought (which is triggered literally every time I hear this song): "Damn, this song is amazing and perfect and I love it unequivocally. Why have I never owned a copy? Let's fix that. Okay. Largest iced coffee you got, black, please." Seriously, though, it seems like a little masterpiece, sonically and lyrically. So much pathos. Feeble threats. Different perspectives. I think that if I'd heard this song this morning for the first time (and not the ten thousandth), I'd have been floored.

archiemoore 25 Jun 2015

I was at a work party and the DJ did a little song trivia. He would play a bit from a song and we'd have to guess the song title and the Artist. This song came on and I just can't get enough of it :D

MisbehavingCub 8 Jul 2015

heh heh, i have no idea what's happening & i love it (i haven't been well, so my jams have been slow)   8

stumbelina 20 May 2014

Success has been so easy for you...   12

mloup 27 May 2014