Don't You Want Me by The Human League

“You better change it back or WE WILL BOTH BE SORRY!”

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You better change it back or WE WILL BOTH BE SORRY!   1

astroloma 8 Sep 2012

heh heh, i have no idea what's happening & i love it (i haven't been well, so my jams have been slow)   8

stumbelina 20 May 2014

Heard this in Dunkin' Donuts this morning. First thought: "Damn, this should've been on the playlist for Chrissy's memorial event". Second thought (which is triggered literally every time I hear this song): "Damn, this song is amazing and perfect and I love it unequivocally. Why have I never owned a copy? Let's fix that. Okay. Largest iced coffee you got, black, please." Seriously, though, it seems like a little masterpiece, sonically and lyrically. So much pathos. Feeble threats. Different perspectives. I think that if I'd heard this song this morning for the first time (and not the ten thousandth), I'd have been floored.

archiemoore 25 Jun 2015

One of the catchiest 80s #newwave songs ever. Time for some synthesizers #80smusic   1

NellaD 16 May 2015

I was at a work party and the DJ did a little song trivia. He would play a bit from a song and we'd have to guess the song title and the Artist. This song came on and I just can't get enough of it :D

MisbehavingCub 8 Jul 2015

Success has been so easy for you...   12

mloup 27 May 2014