Cold Hailey Rainy Night by The Imagined Village

“Gypsy Folk at its best!”

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Gypsy Folk at its best!

BetsyCait 13 Jul 2013

The English version of the song I posted last week.   1

CreamConeCoffee 19 Jul 2015

The track that first got me into IV. So many amazing musicians in this collective.

moriarty 28 Aug 2012

came up on shuffle. #classic #random

gingercls 9 Oct 2013

Throw enough different elements into a particular tune and it can either become a poorly thought-out cheese board that stinks to high heaven or a fragrant stew where everything fuses together to work. This is definitely the latter, bringing together a mix of Irish and English folk strings, African and Asian percussion and harmonies, and coated with evocative harmonious lyrics.

chaffro 27 May 2014