Everything Is Just Disgusting by The Indelicates

joeldurhamjr’s jam on 10 Sep ’13 and then 2 times after that (See all)

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but ReverendgB was first  

"But for the felt in your hair..." @theindelicates + puppets = magic

ReverendgB 11 Aug 2013

Excellent song. Excellent video. Excellent puppets. Excellent.   1

KeithTOTP 16 Aug 2013

A track off my album of the year! The rest of my list follows.   7

joeldurhamjr 9 Dec 2013

Several of my best songs of 2013 are by The Indelicates. This is the correct one for today.

charleston 21 Dec 2013

"They'll pour vodka on your bones, and they'll call it romantic". PUPPETS

juliaindelicate 16 Aug 2013