Put Yourself In My Place by The Isley Brothers


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I just love this song. It was released as a 'B' side by The Elgins in 1965,and as a 'B' side by The Supremes in 1966. The Isley Brothers released it as an 'A' side in 1966 in America and in 1969 here in the UK where we didn't care whether it was a hit in the charts or not. We just knew it was a massive hit for us in the clubs where we danced to it frequently. We actually preferred what we listened to to stay out of the charts as we wanted our music to feel like it belonged to us and us alone. We were that arrogant. TMG708 we knew all the record numbers, for some reason it seemed important at the time. We were mad I guess, but I wouldn't have missed a single minute of it. #IFeelAMotownOrStaxWeekComingOn. Hope you do.   2

jovisgoesnuts 14 Feb 2014

I is for The Isley brothers . . . it's difficult to pick one track out . Where would we be without Motown - so much to love!   21

lindatee 3 Dec 2014

I heard this yesterday and was reminded of what a wonderful song it is. Love the Isley Bros   4

lindatee 6 Sep 2014