Going Underground by The Jam

“Signing off #timj with a rather obvious #finaljam. Thanks for the ride.”

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Signing off #timj with a rather obvious #finaljam. Thanks for the ride.   2

herr_schaft 24 Sep 2015

With @ThisIsMyJam Going Underground (Gedditt!!) I'm off to LetsLoop from September http://www.letsloop.com/markbraggins   3

Bilbobraggins 29 Aug 2015

This song was released when I was 14 years old. Sharpness of the guitar riff and dynamism of the bass line were sensational for me. Since I listened this song first time, I have followed Paul Weller as "the Master".   1

michiohirota 11 Jun 2013

Released on this day in March 1980, "Going Underground" went straight to the top of the UK chart to become The Jam's first #1 single. One of their very best!   2

ody 10 Mar 2015

At number 82......as I write this, I'm hooked up for 4 hours getting all of my very toxic chemo drugs.....I will be wiped for the next week...but it's all I've got to keep me alive, and I'm determined to keep fighting the fight...... ..I loved The Jam....saw them live three times.....what's your fave Jam song??? Enjoy the jam...peace to all   5

njparry 18 Aug 2014

These braying sheep on my TV screen Make this boy shout, make this boy scream! I'm going underground   1

tommoose 9 Jun 2015