That's Entertainment by The Jam

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On my knees w/ a pistol to my head and I HAVE to make a list of my current top 10 songs..this would be # 9   1

KBro 27 Jul 2012

One of Weller's most enduring songs. He later admitted he preferred the demo to the version released on "Sound Affects". This live version is great too. Would be nice to confirm which tour. The two piece brass makes me think "The Gift" but I stand to be corrected.

rocknrollisking 9 Sep 2014

On my mind recently. One of the first songs I learned to play. 'That's Entertainment' by The Jam   1

JoRiGo_UK 21 May 2015

Always loved this. Remember buying it when it was released! Day 13......colon cancer....stage 4...... It is what it is.....gotta keep positive .....keep those jams coming.   4

njparry 12 Aug 2013

Seriously? Could it be anything else? Those chords ... the story of how it was written .., the lyrics. Class.

cjc1664 4 Jan 2012

And that's a wrap. 200 jams, 3+ years, and a much improved music library. Cheers to TIMJ!   2

velvetmorning 25 Sep 2015