I Hate Rock N Roll by The Jesus and Mary Chain

“A little noisy joyous nihilism.”

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A little noisy joyous nihilism.

Yr_Drblbst 25 Aug 2015

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daftmonk 4 May 2012

My neighbors once played George Michael really loud around midnight, so I responded with this. They moved out!   2

IntheFrame1 11 Feb 2014

Happy Bday Jim Reid of JMC. They wouldn't let me post 'Blues from a Gun'?, so this it is! #censorship

alexfast 29 Dec 2014

Not quite but yeah!

PeteStanley 26 Jul 2012

Shame that Ride reforming seems to have put the dates announced by JAMC in the shade ( I still wince when I hear 'Tarantula')Brings back great memories of the amazing Liverpool Lomax during the late 90's,this.

AnneHaddy 19 Nov 2014