Mouth Breather by The Jesus Lizard

“Today is a Jesus Lizard kind of day.”

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Today is a Jesus Lizard kind of day.

asw909 10 Aug 2015

Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy, I like him just fine

markdavess 6 Jun 2015

Now that's how to tear it up live.

da5id 1 Dec 2011

Just havin' some real weird-ass times over here!

thumbdrumbs 2 Aug 2013

What's the story behind Mouthbreather. - DY: It's about Britt Walford, from Slint. Albini had gone out of town for a while, and Britt was watching his house, and one night he just got plowed and lost the keys to the house, so he broke down the door--taking part of the door frame with it. So instead of repairing it, he just nailed it up with a bunch of 2x4s. And he broke a toilet, and it was literally raining piss water in the basement, where there was musical equipment and drums set up, and just splashing piss water over the drums and shit.

plasticandwire 14 Apr 2014

Ah, to see David Yow do the shiny ball trick again.

ber06122 24 Apr 2013