Rock n Roll Psychosis by The Jim Jones Revue

“Well, if yer gonna rock, you might as well ROK.”

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Well, if yer gonna rock, you might as well ROK.   1

ColinDotAuld 24 Feb 2015

I was privileged enough to see JJR's last ever show on October 4th this year. One of the finest live bands I have ever seen (as long as its a Saturday night and you have had a few). Punky Rock N Roll at its best. Simplicity is sometimes sublime!!

darryl 15 Oct 2014

Amazing live pal Nick plays drums

GramSkin 27 Oct 2013

Hell and Rock'n Roll!

paulaspel 16 Jun 2012

Possibly the most exhausting band I've seen. Immense.

jameswragg 6 Mar 2012