A Simple Design by The Juan MacLean

“so good to have nancy whang back on my headphones. <3”

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so good to have nancy whang back on my headphones. <3   2

marthadear 23 Oct 2014

"John MacLean — AKA The Juan MacLean — will be back with another LP of expertly assembled dance music next month. The album, entitled In A Dream, once again features LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Whang on vocals; she’s been a full-time Juan MacLean member for several years, but she’s out at the forefront now, both on the album sleeve and in the mix. Her presence is felt on “A Simple Design,” a moody new wave disco production of the highest order. All sorts of synths groove and spiral around Whang as she delivers a spirited yet elusive vocal take, the sonic elements building into a house of mirrors that eventually disintegrates into handclaps and ghostly echoes."

michael_d_wynn 12 Aug 2014

New Music: If the rest of "In A Dream" is even close to this good, it's going to be an absolute barnstormer. #newmusic

CallumPetch 3 Sep 2014

A reminder that the unraveling of plans is often a gift.

marlsey3 15 Dec 2014

It's like a great forgotten song from the 80s that never was, until now

dubterror 30 Nov 2014

The spirit of LCD Soundsystem lives on thru TJM. The new album "In A Dream" is a cracker.

Tanner1962 3 Nov 2014