Run Fast by The Julie Ruin

“I think this song has everything.”

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I think this song has everything.

sealfur 16 Sep 2014

The Julie Ruin--Run Fast. Boston declares Riot Grrrl Day to honor Kathleen Hanna & inspire young women: Speaking of honoring Kathleen Hanna, here's The Julie Ruin   3

iMatthew_ 12 Apr 2015

Say or scream it ... slut. ;-)

kikker 10 Nov 2014

I've been playing this EP on heavy rotation this week so I go to post this song only to discover the amazing video that goes with it. Enjoy.   2

ccrosby37 3 Dec 2013

Watch "The Punk Singer" doc on Netflix featuring Kathleen Hannah of Bikini Kill / Le Tigre / The Julie Ruin. It was great. And yeah, I'm a proud male feminist.

ConorTV 11 May 2014

A kind of "All My Friend" filled with nostalgia for a more militant youth. Love @kathleenhanna's lyrics and voice.

JohnRoux 26 Mar 2014