A Great Big Sled by The Killers


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Time to kick of my #Top20 Alternative Christmas Songs: in at #20 and showing that modern bands can still write relatively decent #Christmas songs rather than re-hash old favorites, The Killers penned this track in 2006 not timeless, but worth a listen all the same... #ChristmasJam

Cornishson73 7 Dec 2014

My current favourite Christmas song :) Sums up Christmas for me - feeling like a kid again!

abeeken 20 Dec 2012

I wanna roll around like a kid in the snow / I wanna re-learn what I already know / Just let me take flight dressed in red, through the night on a great big sled...

hotlikewasabi 19 Nov 2014

And now for my favorite new Christmas song of the last few years. Enjoy!

MitchK 24 Dec 2011


hitman_4 23 Dec 2013