Live From Royal Albert Hall by The Killers

“Yesterday evening news reached me of TIMJ's demise as of 1 September. Since the beginning, first as dutchzaphod later as dutchbeeblebrox as well, I've had tons and tons of fun with TIMJ. Many thanks to the fab four who started and built on it and also to you loyal jammers. For my official last jam, for the first time, I've chosen a lengthy video. But, the first eight minutes belong to my favourite musical images of all times (the rest ain't half bad either). For now, if you want to, there is a private community on Facebook in order not to lose contact awaiting possibilities to perhaps look for new ways to build a community like TIMJ. This is the link So farewell and maybe see you soon. (latest update, this account shall continue on as dutchzaphod) see also @dutchzaphod

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This jam is special! The first and only time it’s been posted was by dutchbeeblebrox in Aug 2015.