Shot at the Night by The Killers

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but sweeter was first  

for some reason, i listen to this song a lot these days. probably because it's good!

dekylgrmf 24 Jun 2015

The kinda song that plays in your head when you meet the one. Or maybe I've watched one too many retro rom-coms

savagebreakfast 15 Mar 2015

Another song from The Killers which makes me love them more

vjcrystalising 17 Oct 2013


Baujaus 22 Aug 2015

Give me a shot at the night, give me a moment, some kinda mysterious.   5

TanyaEchelon 27 Oct 2013

New Killers tune. Already sounds like a classic. Those guys know how to craft a hooky song, that's for sure.

sweeter 16 Sep 2013