When You Were Young by The Killers

madicsmith’s jam on 28 Feb ’12 (See all)

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A late entry to #Killersweek with @dutchbeeblebrox and @adamlack . This looks like such an awesome performance at T in The Park Festival 2007. The band absolutely nail it from 2:30 onwards and Brandon is pumped. The audience enjoy it as well. Love the "killers" pants at the end!!! Turn up the volume to 11.   32

mikelowe 7 Feb 2014

"But he, talks like a gentleman" ❤   4

IndiHatter 21 Sep 2014

I had forgotten about this song and how much I love it. Ah, memories of heartache. “When You Were Young” by @thekillers is my new jam.

LizaFZ 27 May 2015

Yes, it hurts.   5

barlymor 16 May 2015

I forgot how good this song was. I thought I didn't really like The Killers, but they're alright.

lifeinplaid 31 May 2015

Heard this one earlier on the radio today and reminded me of how much I like this song!   45

BladeRunner 20 Jan 2014