Baby Says by The Kills

Bandoswb’s jam on 6 Jan ’13 and then once after that (See all)

“Great jam..nice version.”

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Great jam..nice version.

Bandoswb 6 Jan 2013

"Baby says if ever you see skin as fair / Or eyes as deep and as black as mine / I'll know you're lying"

puyo 18 May 2014

From their 2011 album "Blood Pressures".   3

Axol 8 Sep 2015

Always happy when I hear this start..,

Bandoswb 16 Mar 2013

Just can't get enough of his rifts. Nothing like good, old school (usually distorted) rifts. Could probably use a bit less of the strange and awkward coordinated drumming at the live show...but hey, that's really not a big factor.

BillMcGeeney 11 Jan 2015