Louie Louie by The Kingsmen


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but felipesobreiro was first  

Jack Ely died two days ago.What a performance to be remembered by.   20

tpjdavies 29 Apr 2015

Over 50 years old, unintelligible vocal,rudimentary musicianship and it is absolutely brilliant.   9

tpjdavies 26 Aug 2014

Peace Out Bitches! (I am seriously bummed out about this *super duper sad face*)   3

FoxInSox 10 Aug 2015

The day before they recorded this , they performed it live at a gig for one and a half hours straight, already knowing it was going to be a work of genius.   4

dirtypj 4 May 2015

The original -live. Iggy Pops version-http://youtu.be/ZhSFV_M1Hv8.   41

lynn200 9 May 2014

Its influence cannot be overstated.   12

Bukowski 25 Jun 2012