Autumn Almanac by The Kinks

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St. Ray nails the autumnal vibe we're experiencin' today.... "breeze blows leaves of a musty colored yellow" la la la la la

timmuky 6 Oct 2014

On a bit of a Kinks phase right now...

catcalzone 21 Oct 2014

Seasonal. R Davies in the midst of his prime.   1

mrbensiddall 25 Oct 2014

Feels more like Autumn than Spring. Oh well, here's hoping for a Sunny Afternoon...   4

edclarke 2 Apr 2013

Buttered currant buns, can't compensate For lack of sun because the summer's all gone...

DJgregarious 26 Sep 2014

Yes yes yes.

markwtaylor1 1 Mar 2015