A Tooth for an Eye by The Knife

nikoniko’s jam on 16 May ’13 and then once after that (See all)

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but Ghostefano was first  

By far my favourite thing to happen to pop music this year.   6

_ralph 25 Mar 2013

Getting better every listen.   4

McKelvie 8 Mar 2013

what else. eternal jam.

JoeHolton_ 17 Feb 2015

Farewell show tomorrow :(

Scuz 5 Nov 2014

Their creativity never ceases to astound me. #TheKnife #ShakingtheHabitual   6

rvleonard 5 Aug 2013

Out today, an amazing new video from The Knife to get your weekend started.   3

TeamJamPicks 8 Mar 2013