Music When The Lights Go Out by The Libertines


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Goodbye @thisismyjam This one's for you!‘Music When the Lights Go Out' by The Libertines is my last jam.

marsvolta1985 24 Sep 2015

(This song sounds even more beautiful when played by people you know. #justsaying)

_Troddles 21 Apr 2012

"And the blue lights, all the kites We flew together I thought they'd fly forever"   1

ashishbihani 4 Jan 2015

Not exactly very a happy song, but one of my favourite "love" songs ever. Sort of.

sjaejones 14 Feb 2012

Another shameless plug for a band I saw last weekend, beautiful song, bit if a moment   1

carolesmith98 11 Jul 2014

Well is it cruel or kind Not to speak my mind And to lie to you Rather than hurt you Well I'll confess all of my sins After several large gins But still I hide from you Hide what's inside from you   1

frazao 28 Apr 2015