Up the Bracket by The Libertines


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20:00-22:00 @ www.theoldschoolproject.com #TwoFingers #Albion Ετοιμαστείτε!

SundayFreakshow 16 Nov 2014

In light of their forthcoming reunion, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. #thelibertines #albion

paininthebrum 29 Apr 2014

Coz its a cracking tune,... and the Babyshambles new album "Sequel to the Prequel" is out today!!

rherron 30 Aug 2013

"you see these two cold fingers these crooked fingers I show?" you a way to mean no   1

oxfordcoma 6 Jan 2014

There's a new Babyshambles album, but I prefer The Libertines!! Jaja!   2

laurafantyz 1 Sep 2013

They announced a gig, 4 years since they last played and 10 since their last album. Any better reason to start digging again in their albums?

orlindan 30 Apr 2014