Papa Was a Rodeo by The Magnetic Fields

“and i'll take you away; i'll take that kiss now, but:”

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and i'll take you away; i'll take that kiss now, but:

simonFerrari 27 Apr 2014

Ah, #CowboyWeek, what a great excuse to play this.   1

DavidShepherd 2 Jun 2014

Papa was a rodeo, Mama was a rock'n'roll band. I could play guitar and rope a steer before I learned to stand. Home was anywhere with diesel gas, love was a trucker's hand. Never stuck around long enough for a one night stand. Before you kiss me you should know Papa was a rodeo .

wertler 11 Jul 2015

funny, sad, and very gay. and that amazing bass oh my

mnmcgowen 28 Aug 2014

Had to write an essay on this song, and I don't hate it now, so therefore it must be particularly good.

jamesdavidward 14 May 2013

because I'm seeing them tomorrow and I can't wait   1

nellbrown 26 Apr 2012