The Book of Love by The Magnetic Fields

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#ThisWeekIsForLovers #Love Singer Stephin Merritt came up with the crazy idea of writing 100 new love songs for a 4CD album release ...just to let the world know 'he is here' Understandably, he began to dry up with ideas around the 60 song mark and decided instead to make it a 69 song 3CD set instead , saying that the number 69 was more appropriate for the theme of love anyway...........what on Earth was he on about? Someone explain...(I've led a sheltered life, y'know...) ;-)   13

debutch 12 Feb 2015

#lastjams On a countdown - all time favorites coming up in the next few days!

markcmphillips 9 Aug 2015

69 Love Songs / 1999 #723

mondosalvo 13 Aug 2015

Five years ago today was my first date with @teeza, four years ago today we got married in Seattle. <3   9

thesunneversets 26 Sep 2012

just stunning   2

isajward919 8 Sep 2012

I like this cover. Almost as good as Peter Gabriel.

tgraw 18 May 2015