Blue Moon by The Marcels

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but weequizzie was first  

This version of the song ended up being an #opening to one of #Brazilian's soup opera: "O Beijo do #Vampiro" - wich means "The kiss of the #vampire"

wonaka 18 Mar 2014

Bom-ba-ba-bom, ba-bom-ba-ba-bom, ba-ba-bom-ba-ba-bom Da-dang-da-da-dang, da-dingy-dong-ding...   5

bumfudgebingo 11 Feb 2013

Slightly honour of City's title win

TonyDurkin 14 May 2014

In the 1960's virtually every group had this song in their repertoire and it's a while since I last heard it and now it evokes so many memories of the dances,the lads and lasses I went around with-who said nostalgias not what it used to be?

terrylup 4 Aug 2014

What X-Factor?   2

AndyDoesWords 23 Nov 2012

There is also a slower version of Blue Moon   2

joseph.e.lee 19 Aug 2014