“Flute intro. Enough said.”

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Flute intro. Enough said.

sean 18 Jan 2012

Forever (and ever and ever) jam.

Charlotta 15 Mar 2015

Gonna get a freight train, down at the station. Ain't never comin back   2

Ericbforpres 15 Oct 2013

I have repeatedly heard this song (most often on the Mick Jagger station) and thought, that needs to be my jam! And yet, I never got around to posting it. Now that TMJ is leaving me :( I figured I best get around to it.

gabee1148 25 Sep 2015

How 'bout a little country blues after the funky stuff?   4

dyavers 14 Apr 2014

Legendary Guitar Work,....Passion in delivery.

magicianjgp 10 Oct 2014