Cissy Strut by The Meters


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For Erich from Munich, who has been been patiently training me this week in my new job, anyone who says Germans don't have a sense of humour, have never met Erich!   2

drunkeneviltwin 22 Nov 2014


Ericbforpres 6 Apr 2015

Happy #funkyfriday !!   1

The.ShiKing 10 Jul 2015

I just spent two days straight listening to every funk song I could think of to find out what this song was called. So glad I persevered!

TheMungKeySux 26 Apr 2015

here is a song to make you feel like a less shit Tarantino   2

Carachan1 20 Jul 2015

You can't have enough Cissy strutting!   3

philipnareike 27 Nov 2012