I Want Wind To Blow by The Microphones

“"The Glow" Pt. 2 (K, 2001)”

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"The Glow" Pt. 2 (K, 2001)   2

jwmcglone 12 Jun 2013


leighalexander 14 Jul 2012

Weird and wonderful opener to a weird and wonderful album   6

TBBYNH 13 Aug 2013

Heard this one and got obsessed thanks to #songexploder.. Listen to the process here: http://www.maximumfun.org/song-exploder/song-exploder-%E2%84%96-13-microphones

akshayroongta 4 Sep 2014

Party jam of the summer.

oldseacaptain 31 Jul 2015

Until I'm convinced otherwise, I'll always believe this song is about the end of the world.

tcarmody 28 Mar 2012