Pleasant Valley Sunday by The Monkees


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So many good Goffin/King songs to choose from. What a legacy!   11

pjcj 20 Jun 2014

There is a flashback in a Simpson's episode where Marge is getting teased on the bus for having a Monkees lunch box and it always makes me think of my Mum. You know what? Fuck them, The Monkees rule! On a side note Davy Jones died on my birthday in 2012 . Can I get any more personal information out in one post? I don't think so......   2

FoxInSox 17 Aug 2015

Mmmmm... good stuff

NeftoonZamora 28 Jul 2014

Fictional Band February! Day 1 is the Monkees, so here's Pleasant Valley Sunday~

MaryDan 1 Feb 2012

Another pleasant valley Sunday here in status symbol land

thesilverbeetle 26 Aug 2014

My thoughts all seem to stray, to places far away / I need a change of scenery   1

chaoticute 28 Jun 2014