Porpoise Song (Theme From "Head") by The Monkees

“well, there was this one time at the US Open #lastjams

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well, there was this one time at the US Open #lastjams

abbashelicopter 24 Sep 2015

Different from the version on the Head soundtrack CD I've got (sound is cleaner with a longer intro), but sounds like Mickey Dolenz to me.

townxelliot 15 Sep 2015

I'm off to LetsLoop.com... Goodbye, Goodbye....   10

catcalzone 11 Aug 2015

Goffin/King wrote so many brilliant pop songs. They also wrote this piece of utter psychedelia. Sleep well Gerry, and thanks for all the tunes.   2

boredofthis 20 Jun 2014

Seemed tonight's theme was porpoise related so I spin this to end the night Good Night XXXX

pooblemoo 6 Nov 2014

The Monkees as you've probably never heard them before. Enjoy!   35

dutchbeeblebrox 6 Jan 2014