No Children by The Mountain Goats

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alexhern 25 Sep 2015

@meowrey posted "You Can Still Ruin My Day" by Jon Brion, but this gets my vote for best breakup song.   8

antichrista 22 Jan 2012

Our friends say it's darkest before the sun rises. We're pretty sure they're all wrong.

yrmonster 18 Jun 2015

Have fun, my friends going to see the Mountain Goats tonight (Tues) at the lovely Union Chapel. Its' a great venue to see them in, as you might know the last time you saw them there. Anyway this song makes me cry my flipping eyes out. EVERY GODDAMN TIME.

mrs_leroy_brown 8 Oct 2013

A place I may have visited briefly, but never lingered in. And that becomes more and more remote with time...   1

badgergravling 6 Aug 2015

My last jam. The song that started my obsession.

maffrj 25 Sep 2015