No Children by The Mountain Goats

“On a huge Mountain Goats kick tonight.”

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On a huge Mountain Goats kick tonight.

citizenlowell 5 Feb 2015

@meowrey posted "You Can Still Ruin My Day" by Jon Brion, but this gets my vote for best breakup song.   8

antichrista 22 Jan 2012

My last jam. The song that started my obsession.

maffrj 25 Sep 2015

A place I may have visited briefly, but never lingered in. And that becomes more and more remote with time...   1

badgergravling 6 Aug 2015

wonderfully #depressing #music   2

Alex_Reccomends 18 Apr 2015

One last ray of sunshine from Mr. Darnielle, which will also serve to kick off a new theme: #SongsOfSpite   6

7r0773r 3 Nov 2013