Werewolf Gimmick by The Mountain Goats

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but ffuok was first  

Bring your heroes to the wolfden, watch them all get crushed

kevinchiat 31 May 2015

I am really loving this album and this song in particular. It kind of encapsulates everything I love about wrestling and puts it into this frantic song.

brendoman 16 Apr 2015

I am too enamored of 'Beat the Champ' to claim a favorite track, but holy damn I love this song.

Phineas 23 Apr 2015

Get told to maybe dial it back backstage later on. Everyone still in this building right now: dead before the dawn.

housetoastonish 15 Apr 2015

Would probably have been an insta-jam based on the title alone, to be honest.   2

thesunneversets 14 Apr 2015

Here's a question. Why don't I have this album yet? Hmmm? #need

TheDoodleAbides 15 Apr 2015