Girls Like You by The Naked and Famous

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but Lisa was first  

I sadly know so many girls like that :/ Oh and the melody is awesome, warning: You could have it stuck in your head for a long time :D

julethecookie 18 Sep 2014

A happy, flappy, chirpy tune for the LONG WEEKEND!   3

Niels_Footman 1 Aug 2013

this song is candied self-doubt, a litany of the things they say to keep you down. "don't you know people write songs about girls like you" is not an empty threat, but a too-full one; no matter what kind of girl you are, people will write songs about girls like you. (also oddly reminiscent of the simple minds cover of "bring on the dancing horses", which had a similarly hypnotic effect on me when i first heard it...)

inagreyplace 14 Jan 2015

everything you say is fire

sheepie 7 Jun 2012

don't you know people write songs about girls like you? <3

kamutarou 8 May 2014