Graceless by The National


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"All of my thoughts of you / Bullets through rotten fruit"   3

TBBYNH 23 May 2013

Waking up @ 4 oclock in the morning... just made my day :)

okmota 23 May 2015

#Bestof2013 took a while to warm up to this album - probably because I loved High Violet so so much - but I came around   5

robbfritz 10 Dec 2013

What a great chorus in #graceless! "I'm trying, but I've gone / Through the glass again / Just come and find me / God loves everybody, don't remind me / I took the medicine and I went missing / Just let me hear your voice, just let me listen." #TroubleWillFindMe is a superb album. #TheNational FTW.   6

rvleonard 11 Jun 2013

My favourite track from this brilliant new album.   13

Bukowski 10 Jun 2013

"I am not my rosy self"

lifeless1 13 Jul 2015