This Is the Last Time by The National

“oh, but your love is such a swamp”

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oh, but your love is such a swamp

julianabeeps 5 Nov 2013


synesthetick 28 Aug 2015

Sigh. Thanks TIMJ, I'll miss you all.

e11en 10 Aug 2015

The best album of the year is out this week. Here's the joint best song from it.

laurasnapes 20 May 2013

Countdown to the last jams.

nd_kane 23 Sep 2015

I do not usually change my jam so quickly, but had to choose this. As of yesterday, i had never ever listened to the national, but i was in a record store in london and this album was playing, and after finding out what it was, and buying the album, i have not stopped playing it. Quite simply the best album i have heard this year. This song is incredible!

asfisher 21 May 2013