Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood


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These guys have to be yanking our chain. That sounds like a woman yet they say it sung by a man. Doesn't make me love it any less. I just can't put a man behind that voice!

weego 27 Mar 2015

In at number 72.....just because its a top 100 doesn't mean I cant have some newer stuff...I love this and it is almost "sweater " weather........ Enjoy! Also, if I'm to complete my Top 100 I need to post a jam at least once a week..I hope to last the distance, so to speak.   1

njparry 5 Oct 2014

J_Dub 9 May 2014

Great sound. I really enjoy this song it creates a great mood.

gingrich1 22 Dec 2013

Cover by Max and Alyson

hilbatista 19 May 2015

(It's been harder to find "postable" jams due to label prohibitions, but I eventually found one!...) Looking forward to the end of summer & some sweater weather in Autumn. #theneighbourhood #lastjams   2

MusicMumbler 12 Aug 2015