Champions of Red Wine by The New Pornographers

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Probably my favorite song of 2014; I'll link to a couple's wedding video in order to post it. (BTW, congratulations to Floren & Ale, wherever they reside!)

musicgeek 28 Dec 2014

"I think we could save lives, if we don't spend them way undercover"

thesunneversets 6 Nov 2014

Hey guys! New week and a new reels post to go with it! This time: how about a midlife crisis in Cuba? We hope you enjoy and have a great week and a great month!   4

MVD 1 Jun 2015

I kind of love that the best version of this song TIMJ can find is the soundtrack to someone's wedding video.

scarequotes 9 Apr 2015

Lovely song by Neko, great Cuban theme as applied to "Paris, Texas". A strong song.

pivic 28 May 2015

is...this where I'm heading, New Pornographers?

cannibalpriest 2 Jun 2015