For The Love Of Money (Original Full Length Album Version) by The O'Jays

“Money Money Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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Money Money Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

king_sapien 1 Sep 2012

For a small piece of paper it carries a lot of weight

geack 8 Mar 2013

The chorus has been on a loop in my head for a week now.

Bec 9 Feb 2013

bass bass bass

bcl400 20 Jan 2013

This is in my Top 5 Greatest TV themes tunes, along with The Sopranos, Cheers, Hill Street Blues & MASH   1

andyknightesq 17 Oct 2012

A driving bass line that resonates to the soul coupled with Words of Wisdom about the futility of money.

elchuko 6 Mar 2012