Another Girl, Another Planet by The Only Ones

“An all-time favourite #Lastjams (with a funky funny video)”

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An all-time favourite #Lastjams (with a funky funny video)   31

Bukowski 19 Aug 2015

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juansimancas90 16 Sep 2012

Best intro ever.   5

Johnnywas25 11 Oct 2012

Space travel's in my blood, There ain't nothing I can do about it, Long journeys wear me out, But I know I can't live without it...   2

sirterence 15 Aug 2015

Marketing exec's literally stealing our anthems left, right, and centre to peddle the latest 'not at all' future proof piece of tut. Fortunately I still love Vodafone........I mean this track!!!! Rant over!:)

Rosgo 29 Jun 2015

At number 83.....peter and the pets.....I loved this song and literally wore it out....I had the 12" version and still remember the artwork on the sleeve. I'm going to try posting my Top 100 at least twice per week from now on. my cancer treatment means I have to go through 3 more sessions....about 6 weeks or so before I have my scan. I know my body is getting weaker....but my brain is still as manic as ever!!!!!   14

njparry 15 Aug 2014