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It's not over yet #FinalJamParty #FinalJams #ThankyouTIMJ #MemoryJams   11

PartyTearsFew 25 Sep 2015

And I think to myself, there's no place I'd rather be   3

Babaylan 29 Nov 2014

Upbeat summery #indie pop from the late 80s. Shack emerged from this lot, if I recall aright.   2

UncannyUK 25 Apr 2014

cheers! ta! nice one! thank you!

markperlaki 2 Feb 2014

Got an Awards do this week (not winning nuffink) so this feels appropriate...

JamieOPR 6 Oct 2014

I've loved this record for 30 years and I still don't know what he's singing in half of it.   2

neil_jones 24 Feb 2013